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Cape Water Resources provides complete Instrumentation and Control Services to all of Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts. We specialize in Water and Wastewater systems and can often provide same day service.

We understand the need to keep your SCADA/Telemetry/PLC Control System up and running and have many years of experience in both water and wastewater control systems.

We provide Instrumentation, PLC and Telemetry Equipment, UL-508 certified control panels, Full PLC and SCADA Programming Services, both on site and via remote login, Full Installation Services using Licensed Technicians, and we also offer free system evaluation service.

Many times we can point out weaknesses in your existing systems and offer cost effective solutions to improve security, efficiency, reporting, and overall control systems operations.

One area where we have achieved excellent improvement in existing systems is in the area of lightning protection. If your system seems to be overly sensitive to lightning strikes, we can probably save you a great deal of downtime and replacement costs for damaged equipment.

PLCYour SCADA control system should be your most valuable asset for control efficiency, alarming functions, reporting, and system monitoring.
Most traditional SCADA systems are extremely rudimentary in their design and application, and rarely take advantage of even a fraction of the time saving capabilities of a custom designed SCADA system.


It is not enough to merely meet minimum design or regulatory requirements for logging and alarm functions.

The overall goal should be to have the SCADA system save you time and money by doing the routine day to day reporting, logging, alarming and monitoring that will allow you to concentrate your efforts where they are most needed.

CWR has decades of experience in the proper design, interfacing, and customization needed to create such a system, that will become the most valuable tool you own.


So from a simple tweak to make your existing system more friendly to a complete new design build implementation, CWR can work with you to achieve the maximum benefit from your control system investment.

We provide complete programming services and support most common PLCs and SCADA platforms

Design and inatallations of Radio Telemetry systems and Fiber Optic Networks form an integral part of any SCADA system and CWR has highly skilled technicians that specialize in data network communications.

From Radio path analysis, to FCC Licensing, system installation and maintenance CWR covers all aspects of Radio Telemetry and Fiber Optic networks.

It is not enough to provide and install a SCADA system, you must also maintain it in order to receive the maximum benefit it can provide.

We at CWR are committed to our customers and we value your business. We will not dissappear after the initial installation, but will be continually available to maintain and upgrade your system.

CWR offers a free system evaluation service, where we can typically point out areas where your system robustness, or efficiency can be improved.

If your system is outdated and needs to be replaced, we usually can come up with incremental solutions to modernize your system over time at very attractive costs.


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Many of your neighbors use CWR for their SCADA and Instrumentation Services.

CWR is a woman owned business located in North Truro MA

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